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U.S. sees soaring demand for build-to-rent housing – ETF Daily News

the U.S. has more leverage in trade talks now than it ever had before: 5 "this should have been fully discounted." 6: The dollar is up for the 8th straight day: 7: longest win streak in over 3 years. 8: Democrats do not want us to detain, or send back, criminal aliens: 9: Crazy: 10: Brexit: 11: yellow vests: 12: Deplorables: 13: decaying social order: 14

4 days ago · While Volcker managed to control inflation bringing it back to a "more appropriate" 7% level a year later, his action led the U.S. to a recession in 1981, and the S&P 500 fell 27% in 1980-1982.

The average monthly rent for a three-bedroom, single-family home on Oahu rose 14 percent to $2,675 in June, compared to $2,331 in June 2014, according to housing data compiled by rental market.

In China, where the stock market had been soaring, the government had warned banks about improper loans to finance stock speculation. In America, the selling seemed to add to worries that a decline in the housing market, and problems in particular with loans to risky borrowers, could spill over.

Soaring Building Material Costs Set to Put Home Prices in Hyperdrive. The framing of homes, or putting up roofs and walls, accounts for 15 percent of the cost of construction. A composite measure of the cost of lumber for framing rose 16 percent from December to March, according to data from Random Lengths, a publisher of information on wood products.

The story of inflation between 1996 and 2016 is of rising prices in things that you need: prices skyrocket for middle class goods and services. Well housing, your biggest expense is up by 61% and this is of course based on the owners’ equivalent of rent which is a poor measure of inflation in housing.

 · The One Chart That Your Portfolio Manager Does Not Want You To See Despite $1.7 trillion blown on financial enginnering, and ‘clever’ accounting schemes, S&P 500 earnings per share have gone nowehere in three years.

Covered Wagon Mobile Home Court has been around so long willows and cottonwoods stretch 20 feet above "mobile" homes that haven’t moved in more than a decade. Traffic rushes by on adjacent North.

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