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Trump Cracks Down On Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela –

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"Venezuela is really an extension of the position on Cuba," according to Ricardo Herrera, director of the Cuba Study Group. The Wall Street Journal reports Over the last few days donald trump and the GOP have doubled down on their campaign of hate and destruction. It’s not difficult to see that we all.

The Trump administration on Wednesday intensified its crackdown on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, rolling back Obama administration policy and announcing.

That is how the US National Security Advisor John Bolton described Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, after announcing new sanctions on all three countries. The Trump administration’s move reverses the measures former President Barack Obama made to better ties with Cuba during his last few months.

"The troika of tyranny – Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua – is beginning to crumble," Bolton said in a hard-hitting speech near Miami on the 58th Bolton also announced that the U.S. was sanctioning the Central Bank of Venezuela, which the Trump administration says has been instrumental in propping.

 · The Trump administration is stepping up its crackdown again on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. White House national security adviser John Bolton says.

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"The Trump administration is proud to announce several further measures we are adopting to reverse the He also said the U.S. is cracking down on Cuba’s support for Maduro and his "cronies in Venezuela" by As long as the people of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua stand for freedom, the.

Trump cracks down on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Michael (Mike) richard pompeo guaidó calls for more protests in Venezuela Carlson blasts supporters. The move is part of Trump’s efforts to crack down on Cuba for its.

That was followed by a series of new sanctions against Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua and the appearance of. United States if they profit from those properties. “Trump threatens us with doubling.

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The Trump administration on Wednesday intensified its crackdown on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, rolling back Obama administration policy and.

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