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Sweet, sweet justice: Florida homeowners foreclose on Bank of America – We Interrupt

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Sweet, sweet justice: Florida homeowners foreclose on Bank of America – We Interrupt Former Florida mortgage executive pleads guilty to widespread robo-signing Last year, president donald trump spoke by video feed, becoming the first chief executive to directly. judge found Officer Thomas Gaffney, former officer joseph walsh and former.

– A bank foreclosure story you’ve got to see to believe. A Collier County couple turns the tables on Bank of America, the bank that tried to foreclose on their home. Now, the family is foreclosing.

Over the past few years, we’ve heard plenty of horror stories about bungled foreclosures. The one of Warren and Maureen Nyerges, from the Naples, Fla. ‘Sweet Justice’: A Florida Couple ‘Forecloses’ On Bank Of America | WYSO

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Apparently unable to convice the bank that it had made a mistake, the homeowners had to endure a year and a half of legal proceedings in order to get the matter resolved. A judge ruled that the bank had to pay the couple’s legal fees, but five months later the bank still hadn’t paid. Then the trucks showed up at the local Bank of America branch.

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I was in a similar situation where the bank didn’t pay my taxes for several months; apparently it is the duty of the home owner to verify that the bank actually does what they are supposed to do (you are sent a notice about the bill that goes to the bank, you are the one at risk so you have to call and make sure the bank pays / does their job).

 · Sweet, sweet justice: Florida homeowners foreclose on Bank of America (weinterrupt.com) ** Consumer Alert ** Fraud Warning Regarding lawsuit marketers requesting upfront fees for So-called "Mass Joinder" or Class Litigation promising extraordinary home mortgage relief (mortgagereductionlaw.wordpress.com)

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