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On Bullshit

Michael Nathanson of MoffettNathanson offered an interesting view in a note on Netflix Inc.’s disappointing second-quarter.

“I might not have the best flow, sound-uh, I don’t know what the fuck ya’ll be listening to when ya’ll be listening to this.

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Moreover, it’s they who have decided to use religion for political purposes so it’s open season on taking them on, over their.

On Bullshit – Kindle edition by Harry G. Frankfurt. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading On Bullshit.

How many times have you heard a friend or acquaintance congratulate herself on her ability to bullshit?. Funny thing: currently, the.

Bullshit (also bullcrap) is a common English expletive which may be shortened to the euphemism bull or the initialism B.S. In British English, "bollocks" is a comparable expletive.It is mostly a slang term and a profanity which means "nonsense", especially as a rebuke in response to communication or actions viewed as deceptive, misleading, disingenuous, unfair or false.

A bullshit job is a job which is so pointless that even the person doing the job secretly believes that it shouldn’t exist. And there are more now than ever. Public Domain Pictures Our new issue, on.

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Whether stamped beneath a picture of a colorful kale salad or accompanied by an intense video of battle ropes class, the phrase “back on my bullshit” seems like the (and I mean, the) wellness call to.

The philosopher Harry Frankfurt offers an earthy, useful description of this mode of Trump speech in his essay On Bullshit:. He is neither on the side of the true nor on the side of the false.

The first person who replied to Rosen recommended our 2004 "Urban Archipelago" feature, calling it "one of [his] go-to pieces" on the subject. To get this delivered to your inbox, subscribe to The.

ethically lingua: intellectuals Sanskrit Special Offers on Disney cruise line sailings as of 11/6/2017 The Disney Cruise line blog fall 2020 disney Cruise Line Itineraries – Disney Tourist Blog – Disney Cruise Line has released its Fall 2020 itineraries, with sailings departing from New York, California, Texas, and Florida to the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, and a limited-time return to Bermuda. The September through December 2020 cruise season includes a variety of Halloween and Christmas cruises, and we’ll take a look at the various options followed [.]The First Scholars Such are the settings in which the first Indologists first appeared. sir william jones, the first British to master Sanskrit and study the Vedas, drew fire from the eminent british historian james Mill, author of History of India, for his "hypothesis of a high state of civilization". Typically, Mill believed that the: "The people of India were never advanced and that they.

He’s something worse: a bullshit artist.. Falsehoods fly out of Donald Trump’s mouth with such unstoppable frequency that it’s tempting to describe him as a liar.

Happy Chanukkah! and Merry Christmas!  · I suppose I’m a day late with this but a Happy Festivus! I’d open a separate thread for the airing of grievances but we “Edgeheads” seem to do well with that every other day of the year. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever you celebrate to all!!

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