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[Podcast & Article] $45M Robo-Signing Settlement – A mortgage servicing company accused of robo-signing foreclosure documents during the housing crisis has agreed to a $45 million dollar settlement. That will compensate victims, and settle a long-standing legal battle between PHH Mortgage Corporation and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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The Power of Debt Validation in Stopping the Robo-Signing. – The Power of Debt Validation in Stopping the Robo-Signing Debt Collector. 8 years ago. 12 Comments.. Collections giant is accused of “robo-signing” documents.. the debts were 10 or more years old, known as “zombie debt,” that Midland had purchased for cents on the dollar from credit card companies and other businesses, Swanson said.

Robo-Signing Allegations in Prince William Co. – A Prince william county community organization accused lenders of pushing through foreclosures. have used fraudulent documents to speed up foreclosures. It’s known as robo-signing. “If a home is.

"Robo-signing" of mortgages still a problem – CBS News –  · Mortgage industry employees are still signing documents they haven’t read and using fake signatures more than eight months after big banks and mortgage companies promised to stop the.

WOLF vs WELLS FARGO | Wells Fargo Must Pay $5.4M In. – A Texas state jury awarded nearly $5.4 million to a couple accusing. The Defendants called robo-signer Tom Croft and Clayton Gordon as.

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Letters From the Editor – Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, LLC – Databank of CHF (JPMC) Robo-signers in California. are to offer homeowners foreclosure protections more than once if the need for protection arises numerous times. onewest commenced a foreclosure action against defendant.

Who is Linda Green? | Housing Justice – THJF –  · Who is Linda green? december 12, 2012. This name was the most well-known in the mortgage scandal known as “robo-signing” referring to the practice of employees signing hundreds of mortgage documents each hour, without having any knowledge of the truthfulness of the information in Affidavits, Mortgage Assignments, Mortgage Satisfactions.

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Robo Signers-Assignment of Mortgage-Foreclosure Fraud. – The judge also said signatures on documents in the case were filed by known robo-signers, three of whom he identified by name, including Carter of Ocwen Loan Servicing. He personally had examined multiple examples of their signatures, the judge said, and found wide variations, raising the possibility that other people had been signing their names.

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